Shoreline Rock Wall (Rip rap revetment)


Shoreline Rock Wall (Rip rap revetment) Rip rap is one of the most effective erosion control solutions.  It is a natural aggregate (rock) mined from the ground here in Florida that is installed on top of erosion matting.  Littoral (seasonally flooded) plants or new sod can be added to the top or bottom of the revetment in order [...]

Washout Repairs


Washout Repairs- Lake, Pond, Canal, River washout areas Rain run-off from homes, condos, apartments, and commercial buildings can collect in certain areas and cause serious lakeshore erosion issues.  We address these issues by restoring what has been lost with natural fill dirt, sod, and other aggregates.  When installed correctly, these repairs can last years or [...]

Littoral Plants (Seasonally-flooded plants)


Littoral Plants (Seasonally-flooded plants) Littoral are seasonally flooded native plants that provide many benefits to Florida water bodies and ecosystems. -Provide a natural habitat and ecosystem for native birds, ducks, fish, butterflies, and other plant life. -Assist with erosion control on lake banks by colonizing and rooting into the soil -Help clean and aerate the [...]



Sod for Lake Bank Erosion Control- Commercial & Residential Commercial When creating an erosion control system on a lake bank, it is often beneficial to plant a strip of new sod along the top of the bank.  This sod must stay above the high water level (control level) so it does not get drowned during [...]

Soil Erosion Restoration


Soil Erosion Restoration and Erosion Control System Years of rain, irrigation run-off, and changing lake levels cause erosion to the lakeshore and sod.  We can fully restore what has been lost and help prevent future erosion as seen in the 3-step process below.  Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE (239) 560-6923   1) Lake bank is [...]

Shell Erosion Control


Shell Erosion Control Crushed Shell for Lakeshore Erosion Control Washed shell can be used along shorelines and lake banks as a good alternative to rip rap (native 6-12" white rock).  We are one of the only lake restoration companies to employ this method and it produces great results! Benefits of a shell shoreline: -It is [...]

Commercial Erosion Matting


Commercial Erosion Matting There are two categories of lake bank erosion matting: Hardened and Non-hardened. Hardened erosion matting consists of a man-made material that typically lasts a long time.  However, it prevents natural nesting for fish, birds, ducks, and other wildlife so most county and city planners discourage its overuse. Flexamat:   Non-hardened erosion matting consists of [...]

French Drains and Rain gutter


French Drains and Rain Gutter Drains High rain run-off can cause erosion problems in residential and commercial landscaping- including washouts, holes, flooding, fungal issues, staining, and cracking in foundations.  It is important to install a system that properly moves water from your roof and/or yard into the nearest storm drain or body of water.  A [...]