Shell Erosion Control

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Project Description

Shell Erosion Control

Crushed Shell for Lakeshore Erosion Control

Washed shell can be used along shorelines and lake banks as a good alternative to rip rap (native 6-12″ white rock).  We are one of the only lake restoration companies to employ this method and it produces great results!

Benefits of a shell shoreline:

-It is a natural aggregate mined right out of the Florida soil

-Littoral plants (seasonally-flooded natives) are able to grow up through it and colonize with ease

-It’s less expensive than rip rap

-It’s lighter and easier to install than rip rap which means less collateral damage to work area

-It tends to “say put” better than rip rap

-It creates a nice, soft look for homeowners to view from across the water


Here is a lake in Estero, FL during the dry season:

Transplanted littoral plants, lake plants, add littorals


Below is the same shoreline during wet season.  (Notice the shell at the top of the bank hasn’t washed down from rain plus the submerged shell at the bottom hasn’t floated away):

crushed shell erosion control, shell shoreline, shell revetment, shell lake bank


Crushed Shell for Rain Run-off Mitigation

We installed a thick shell layer over the beach sand back yard at a home on Captiva, FL to prevent rain run-off from the roof from causing washouts in the yard or pooling:

crushed shell, rain run-off repair, run-off erosion, repair rain erosion, sanibel washed shell


Whole Shell Erosion Control

Whole shell is effective at preventing holes, divots, and trenches from heavy rainfall such as off of a large high-rise as shown in this project we completed in downtown Fort Myers, FL:

whole shell, erosion control, rain run-off control, find whole shell, beach shell, landscape shell


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Crushed shell and whole shell installed by Seabreeze Lakeshore Restoration, Ft. Myers, FL for lake, pond, canal, river erosion control in South Florida.  Visit our landscaping site if you need a new landscape design and installation for your yard.